All Ceramic Crowns

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You deserve a beautiful smile! Restore your teeth with all ceramic crowns and bridges by Dr. Mary Gharagozloo. We strive to provide natural-looking, beautiful restorations every time. In our office, we only use the finest dental materials available, bringing restored beauty and strength to your smile.

All Ceramic Crowns

All Ceramic CrownsWhen a tooth is damaged from excess decay, wear, or fracture, we can protect it with a crown. After the tooth is prepared, we’ll place a crown, or "cap," over the original tooth. This procedure is non-invasive and preserves the tooth's root structure. Dental crowns highly improve the function and stability of a weak tooth. It's shape and color will blend seamlessly with your surrounding original teeth for a completely natural look. Dr. Gharagozloo uses only the best dental materials available, providing you with a high-quality, beautiful smile.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a conservative approach to replace or restore missing teeth with fractures or excess decay. Similar to the preparation of a dental crown, a dental bridge consists of multiple crowns connected together to replace the empty space left behind. At Mary Gharagozloo, DDS, we use only the highest quality materials when fabricating our bridges to ensure a natural, healthy-looking smile.

Why choose Dr. Gharagozloo?

Your satisfaction is our highest priority! For each procedure, a restoration is only successful when you are happy with the look and feel of the final result. With extensive medical and dental training, Dr. Gharagozloo’s background allows her to create beautiful all ceramic crowns and bridges with precision. Accurate details are noted, ensuring our dental lab will create a perfect restoration customized just for you. During your appointment, we allow plenty of time to provide superior results and answer any questions you may have about your restoration or the process - you will never feel rushed. When you receive your final restoration, Dr. G will firmly secure it in place, bringing restored function and beauty to your smile.